Tank and silo interior cleaning

Overview of our services

We have a SQAS certified facility for the cleaning of food tank and silo trailers with the most modern technology. Other harmless products can be cleaned on arrangement.

Hazardous material will not be accepted on principle!

Opening hours: Mo-Fr 6:00-18:00 and 8:00-12:00 (appointments required)

Location: Dieselstraße 3 in 31319 Sehnde


  • 1 cleaning track
  • 3 high pressure flushing heads with a water pressure of 100 bar and with vertically and horizontally movable cleaning heads
  • Air drying with more than 80 °C, air intake via F5 and F9 filters
  • 2 steam connections with a stainless steel micro filter of 5 µm
  • UV irradiation of the drinking water, which is used for the cleaning

Additional possible services

  • ATP tests
  • Allergy test (CleanCard® PRO)
  • pH value measurements
  • conductivity measurements

Cleaning procedure:

The cleaning procedure is customised to the specific product groups. Deviations from these on the wish of the customer are possible and will be documented through the Eftco Cleaning Document (ECD)

Cleaning products and disinfectants:

The dosage of food-safe of cleaning products and disinfectants takes place computer controlled in accordance with the manufacturer specifications.

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