Food silo transport

Overview of our services

All tractor trailers possess telematics (mobileObjects / Fleetboard).
The silo trailers, with a volume of 60m3 are used exclusively for the transport of food. They are made of aluminium.


  • Unloading through a compressor on the tractor unit
  • The Air, which is used for the exhaustion, is contactless sealed (2 bar)
  • All trailers are equipped with a 5 µm stainless steel micro filter
  • The air is completely free of oil and dust
  • Detachable stainless steel airflow; flexible parts are made of a pressure hose for optimal cleaningg

All common connectors

  • Storz A, B, C NW 60, 80, 100 with or without clamping ring
  • 5m per hose
  • NW 80 and 100

Food law requirements

  • Complete documentation of carried goods and interior cleaning intervals from acceptance of order until delivery
  • Declaration of conformity for all parts in direct contact with the produce
  • All trailers can be completely sealed

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