Food tank transport

Overview of our services

All tractor trailers possess telematics (mobileObjects / Fleetboard). The trailers are used exclusively for the transport of food. The pressure vessels are made from V2A - stainless steel.


1-4 compartments, up to 48 m3 volume.
  • e.g. 14/20/14 m³, 10/12/12 m³, 9/12/12 m³, 7/20/5 m³, 9/6/5 m³ etc. All chambers can be centrally unloaded towards the back via a fittings cabinet. If necessary several types of products can be delivered at once.

  • Emptying

  • InneInboard, mechanical or pneumatic stainless steel floor valves DN 100
  • Stainless steel butterfly valve DN 100
  • Clutches also made from stainless steel
  • Food pump with a stepless adjustable engine
  • Sterile filter system
  • Compressor (2 bar)
  • Possibility of unloading from the side with short outfeed lengths


  • Pressure Heater with stainless steel heating jackets in the foot of the container


  • 100 mm custom insulation consisting of 50 mm custom mineral wool and 50 mm PUR foam.

All common connectors

  • Milk thread
  • TW coupling
  • Guillemin connectors
  • 30m hose DN 50
  • At least 5m of hose DN 80
  • Electric convertors 32A to 16A and 32A to 64A

Food Law Requirements

  • Complete documentation of carried goods and interior cleaning intervals from acceptance of order until delivery
  • Declaration of conformity for all parts in direct contact with the produce
  • All trailers can be completely sealed

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